Sunday, January 24, 2021

Nardi Wheel Cover

It all started with a friend sharing this excellent Petrolicious video about the history of Nardi. For many it’s just another steering wheel brand, but for me it’s a little bit more personal: it was originally founded in Torino - my hometown - and later equipped some of my favorite cars, including the Pagani Zonda and the original CRS. When it came to my GT-R it was an obvious choice.

Amongst other temporary items, my car was delivered with a Nardi 360mm ND Classico in leather: a bit too big and not the perfect visual fit. After a year of waiting, last summer I was able to pick up the final one: slightly smaller diameter (340mm) and with an extra touch. One thing that always bothered me though was the disposable vinyl wrap I had to use so far to protect it when not fitted.

So when at minute 5:50 of the video I saw their signature cyan cover (standard on the mahogany wood wheels that Nardi is famous for) I just couldn’t resist. Few transactions on Yahoo! Auctions and a couple of days later a nice little package showed at my doorstep.

While in the video the cover easily wraps around lacquered wood, admittedly is a little difficult to fit on the suede, but it doesn’t really matter: it’s plush and soft, and looks great!

This wasn’t an expensive item at all and frankly it was quite refreshing. The price spike for GT-Rs in the recent years has affected accessory and discontinued parts as well, thus killing the pleasure of acquiring few bits to tidy up our beloved cars. 

Thankfully this doesn’t affect me since I was able to time the build of my GT-R almost perfectly and I have a little stash of spares too, but it was nice to buy a great looking item for just a few thousands yen.  

The only issue I have with it is that it’s so nice that now I may need a cover to protect the cover? This hobby really never ends...

Until next time. 

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