Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Christmas (Parts) Shopping

Happy holidays, everyone! I have been on a break for the past week and, for the most part, just caught up with some sleep and relaxed after the craziest of the years.

And no Christmas would be complete without some presents, so last week I headed over to Nismo for some shopping and season’s greetings.

When I arrived a R35 owner was busy taking photos of his car, making the most of an empty parking area: nice angle!

With just one week left before a well deserved break the guys were busier than ever with final touches on some customer’s cars.

First things first, I picked up some BNR34 spares as well as some parts that I will need for a little project next spring, when the car will be back to Omori Factory for maintenance. And since I was there I pretty much booked my appointment slot for shaken, which is coming up as well.

Then I ordered a few more parts for the Fairlady Z: my goal with this car is to reach 100,000 kms of Japan gran touring in the next few years, so I want it to be in perfect shape. It’s also serving as an occasional track toy and, truthfully, probably deserves more attention than the GT-R.

Speaking of Z parts, besides ordering the new ones, I have also finally got delivered the big boxes I ordered this summer - Autech labeled! This is because they contain parts exclusive to the Nismo Version model: a fresh pair of side skirts (since I cracked and chipped mine during the track lesson back in January).

Hope everybody is doing well and enjoying the holiday season: this is the perfect time to relax, tinker with our beloved cars and (unless you live in the southern hemisphere) treat the engines to some cold air!

Thanks for stopping by today.

Until next time.

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