Sunday, October 4, 2020

Day One

Easy weekend - I have avoided driving the Fairlady over the past couple of weeks as it’s due an oil change, but eventually I had to take it out for a spin today to prevent the battery from going flat.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty chill and I just met with my first mentor in Japan for a little celebration after receiving my Permanent Residency on Friday. Sushi Zanmai honten (the original head shop) is always fun: generously portioned and fresh, is a safe and less pretentious option amongst the many tourist attractions in Tsukiji.

Bit of a strange feeling, but Saturday I woke up and almost felt like somebody had reset my “Japan-clock” and I started fresh from a new day one. Still have to pinch myself a bit, but receiving my PR was the last piece of the puzzle and allows me to think about my future here outside the boundaries I had before. Or maybe I just had one too many cups of sake.

OK - enough with the sentimental rant and back to regular programming. Today I ended up taking the Z for a little spin to Tatsumi PA; the afternoon started out a bit cloudy but I managed to get there right on time for the golden hour.

I ran into an acquaintance who recently took delivery of a new Ferrari F8 Tributo - a very impressive piece of kit. Chatting about the (very plain) spec I wasn’t surprised to hear that the reason behind it is that he doesn’t plan to keep it for long. 

Unfortunately this is what the supercar game has boiled down to today, at least for many: buy the latest and greatest toy, drive it 2,000 km, watch it depreciate by 30% in 12 months and then flip it before it’s too late. Repeat. Mmh...not my cup of tea.

After Tatsumi I had planned to go back home, but with the Rainbow Bridge closed for maintenance works I was forced to take a little detour and ended up in Odaiba.

Unintentionally, when I returned to pick up the car I found the perfect location for a few photos, courtesy of the ever brightly illuminated Fuji TV building. Moments like these I wish I owned a proper camera, but then again I realize that given the circumstances I wouldn’t have carried with me anyways.

I have a couple of interesting posts in the works, plus a visit to Omori Factory next week and something very exciting (and unexpected until recently) coming up at the end of October. 

Stay tuned!

Until next time.


  1. Congrats on the permanent residency! Absolutely love this blog, keep up the great work.


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