Sunday, September 6, 2020

New Parts, New Project

The past few weeks the car hobby has kept me quite busy. From simple driving to washing & storage care as well as planning maintenance I’ve been running around and visiting Nismo almost every week (my “second home” - as somebody joked on the Facebook page).

So, what’s in store? Well, first of all the Fairlady is due an oil change and possibly extra maintenance in light of an unexpected upcoming event in October. The GT-R is up for shaken next March and while this is still far away I am planning some modifications, both cosmetic and functional, so I started to ask the guys for ideas. 

Finally, the big one, I have started preparations for a bigger project, which is where the boxes below come into play. This is also far ahead as I’m thinking to get things started in late 2021 for a spring 2022 completion, so for now is all about acquiring the right parts and planning. It should be interesting as it’s a first for both me and the guys at Nismo and I look forward to use the experience acquired through the CRS project to make something that will be simpler yet possibly more unique.

So, I’ve been hauling quite a few boxes from Yokohama to Tokyo and, surprisingly, the Z has been up to the task without skipping a beat (with the exception of the big ones above which simply won’t fit). And yes - no need to point out the fingerprints on my navi.

Other than that, like most of us, I am doing my best to enjoy summer 2020 while staying local. I surely miss my yearly trip to Okinawa, but Tokyo is not too bad at all.

Living in the bay area makes it extremely comfortable to sneak out for a quick afternoon drive as I can get on the Wangan in less than 5 minutes. I guess it doesn’t take much to get where the famous Bayside Blue color takes its name from!

August was very hot, probably too hot to drive hard during mid-day, so sometimes I just opted for a lazy coffee and some good reading. As you might have heard R’s Meeting was canceled this year (or rather replaced by a closed-number photoshoot session), which made me realize that I’m yet to visit Fuji Speedway in 2020.

And when I’m not busy either working, doing car-related stuff or looking for my future Japanese wife (turning 36 soon, time to settle?), I spend the weekends enjoying the best local restaurant in my area.

Jokes aside, I think it’s important to support local businesses, especially in times like this, even though 1,200¥ for the freshest chutoro-don you can imagine is still a bargain! 

Thanks for stopping by today, hope everybody is making the most of this unusual summer.

Until next time.

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