Saturday, July 11, 2020

Will the Rain Stop?

You know you’re running out of ideas when you start blogging about the weather. However, like every year and in true Japanese summer fashion, the past month and a half has been nothing but unceasing rain, making it pretty much impossible to plan a proper drive.

But fear not: just a few more days and rainy season will be over. Then we will be off to 6 weeks of intense humidity and heat, followed by typhoon season in September. Ah, you got to love the Land of the Rising Sun.

Since most people likely won’t be able to visit Japan this year I thought you may enjoy some shots of Ginza and Tsukiji in the wet. The first is a great area for car spotting on weekends and the latter hosts some of the best eateries and hidden sushi bars in the city.

However, when the rain does go away for a few moments, we are rewarded with some pretty sunsets, especially here around the bay area.

Driving in the wet is not my cup of tea (the car gets soaked, plus where do you go?), so rain equals lots of killing time at home, which is when my trusty PlayStation 4 and Gran Turismo Sport come handy.

June 30th marked my 13 year anniversary since I first landed in Japan in 2007 and dusting off Gran Turismo for a few laps on the older 90’s machines always make it for a good throwback.

2020 has been a massive rollercoaster of events so far and I must admit that unplugging for a few minutes and look back at simpler times is a great way to relax.

On a serious note, the R33 is really growing on me and I have been itching for one for a while now. I have a few ideas in mind and I think it would make for a great gran touring car. Time for a new project?

Back to regular programming from the next posts with a R34 update, new parts and driving reports. Thanks for stopping by today.

Until next time.

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