Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Nismo Carbon Parts Disappearing?

Few people have reached out recently as the Nismo carbon inlet pipe is rumored to be discontinued as well as other more popular parts, like the Z-tune FRP bumper. The pipe is actually listed as “currently not on sale” on Nismo website, which doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t make a return. Just keep in mind that certain things may take time (remember the GT shift knob?)

Same for the carbon airbox (apparently disappeared from the website), although, despite what most people think, it’s not the same as the plastic OEM one. The internal profile has been re-engineered and the ECM needs to be re-programmed for correct installation. Nismo goes through an inventory check at the end of every fiscal year in March, so part numbers and code changes are not unusual. Moral of the story: I wouldn’t necessarily rush and pay double to get these parts right away - maybe just a bit of patience? Hope this helps!

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