Saturday, May 16, 2020

Virtual Reality

Another rainy Saturday in Tokyo, which means another weekend without proper driving (well, except a much anticipated visit to Omori Factory tomorrow). Oh well, that’s when technology come in handy: time to boot up my PlayStation 4 and Gran Turismo Sport.

These days I’m far from being an avid gamer, but wow, the graphic on the latest generation consoles is absolutely incredible. After playing with the settings and recreating the closest possible version of my car in virtual reality (plus the original CRS stickers), I spent a good couple of hours driving around Tokyo Expressway.

The circuit layout is a mix of real and fantasy sections of the C1, with Hakozaki PA and a few tunnels around the Ginza area pretty much a carbon-copy of their real life counterparts. The R34 also very much behaves like the real car, especially the traction, body roll and boost feeling.

I also tried my hand at Spa Francorchamps, this time with a Pagani Zonda R. This is a combo that must be absolutely incredible in real life.

After a few track session under my belt I can honestly say that games can hardly substitute actual driving, but they are definitely a lot less expensive and excellent to learn track layouts. Plus Spa is not exactly behind the corner...

Lastly, it’s hard to ignore the nostalgic factor: GT was by far my favorite game as a kid and sometimes, between a global pandemic and a financial crisis, it’s good to relax and feel 17 years old again for a couple of hours.

Japan has prematurely lifted the state of emergency from 39 prefectures and it’s very likely that Tokyo will follow suit at the end of the month. This means that it’s time to lose a couple of kilos that I gained since February, so today I tried some sushi from a new spot I recently found.

Not bad for only 880¥! Going for a proper sushi dinner at my favorite spot in Tsukiji is pretty much on top of my to-do list as soon we go back to normal.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Until next time.

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