Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Escape to Lake Miyagase

Like most of you I have been weathering the COVID-19 storm for almost two months now.  But after weeks of social distancing last Saturday I felt the need for a bit of an escape. My location of choice was Lake Miyagase in Kanagawa prefecture; however, given the circumstances, I decided to plan things a bit differently than usual.

The government launched a “stay home” campaign for this year’s Golden Week, calling for citizens to avoid gatherings and extended travel. In order to not add to the problem I opted for a very early rise to ensure I could reach my destination before any significant traffic would occur.

I ended up arriving at the lake before 6AM and, as you can see by the photos, my decision of waking up so early truly paid off: the scenery was absolutely incredible with the emerald water of the lake mixing with the forest at sunrise. 

One could argue that giving up on the trip altogether would have been a more sensible choice, but truthfully there were almost zero vehicles on the road before 7AM. Additionally, the area surrounding the lake is pretty much uninhabited, making it almost impossible to run into unexpected encounters.

I drove around for a good hour, exploring the bridges and tunnels and getting out of the car only a handful of times to take a few photos.

With the exception of some sequences these are not necessarily the best roads to drive fast, but rather more suitable for a gentle cruise while admiring the scenery. 

This doesn’t mean in any way that you can’t have fun and surely there were a few moments when I let the Fairlady stretch its legs.

The tunnels were great, but I must admit that a RB26 would have probably produced a much better symphony over the VQ35HR. But, again, this time wasn’t about driving fast or practicing my heel-and-toe, but rather an opportunity to unwind and enjoy the incredible location. 

Around 7AM the traffic had started to increase a bit, slowly transforming the feeling of the area, with cars and trucks moving around. This pretty much meant that it was time to go back to Tokyo. As short as they were, those 30 minutes of absolute calm when I could park the Z in the middle of the road with no other vehicle in sight felt almost surreal. 

This quick trip was exactly what I needed and an encouraging reminder of all the good things that are awaiting us once we’ll go back to normal.

Until next time.

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