Friday, April 24, 2020

Weekend Maintenance

With the Fairlady overdue an oil change, last weekend I took the opportunity to drive to Omori Factory for a quick service.

Yes, it’s is still close to the public, but customers visits are available on a limited number upon reservation.

Due to the nature of the work I just handed the keys over and waited at the shop, wandering around a desert showroom for about one hour. Oh well, I can think of worse ways to kill time.

While chatting with Takasu-san my eyes fell on their brand new pen-holders and, quite possibly, the coolest ones in the world. Can you guess what they are made of? Yes, scrapped carbon propeller shafts straight off their GT500 race cars - look at the weave! 

According to Takasu-san every year an incredible amount of carbon parts and race-used items get destroyed in order to protect proprietary technology secrets. Yes, I know what you are thinking and I feel the same pain...

This is the machine from the 2019 campaign; I was very much looking forward to the Super GT season this year, but looks like old races uploaded on the series official YouTube channel will have to do for now.

Surprisingly Z-tune P001 is still here. The car looks great in photos, but is actually pretty banged up as it was mercilessly left in the hands of journalists and the likes of Best Motoring back in the days. Nothing major, but it surely got patina (along with a cracked side skirt on the left side).

Quick look at the S1 engine for R35 which performance-wise sits below the GT-R Nismo and above the latest MY17 revised version.

And this is a special one too: hand-built by the legendary and now retired Nismo’s longest serving engine mechanic, Kosaka-san. I feel super lucky that he built the engine of my GT-R as one of his final works.

A bit over one hour later Ochiai-san emerged from the workshop with the keys of my car. This time they handed me a slightly bigger check as the service included Motul Competiton Oil for the engine, transmission and differential, plus a new air filter. 

I also had a chance to see my GT-R which is still parked in the service area. The front splitter now looks brand new and even glossier than before! The paint shop also added a little extra (free of charge, too!) that I didn’t expect and I can’t wait to take the final photos. As for my new parts, good news: yes, they are finally in production! The bad new are that it will take longer than expected and will probably be ready after Golden Week.

I then stopped by Aki’s to deliver him a quotation that I got on his behalf on some new parts he’s collecting for his BCNR33. We all wondered why he didn’t bother to either text the guys himself or even drive over since he lives only 20 minutes away from Nismo, but he was clearly too busy playing in his brand new man-cave. How lazy is that? At least he made me some coffee this time.

He then proceeded to show off his collection of memorabilia and (it pains me to admit it) rightly so. The old man has an endless stash of catalogues, books, rare pamphlets and mini-cars of which normal people like us ignore the existence of. Not only most of them are in brand new condition, but he owns doubles, too.

But wait! Why does Mr. BCNR33 own a Best Motoring special Z-tune DVD? And is that a R34 miniature in the background? Mmh, so much for bashing our beloved car, but looks like somebody might be secretly a fan...

After helping him move some stuff around I took off as I had a dinner appointment. And yes, as you can imagine I “borrowed” the Z-tune DVD for, well, research purposes. I think it looks better in my collection. 

Until next time.

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