Sunday, April 12, 2020

Staying Home

I hope everybody is well during these trying times. Japan seems to be doing slightly better than most countries, but needless to say things have slowed down considerably over the past couple of weeks. Like many of you I have been staying at home most of the time, keeping myself busy with my favorite pastimes.

Besides reading, watching vintage races and cooking, I also enjoyed some sakura close to my house. Parks and gatherings are obviously off limits, but I am lucky that there are quite a few trees just behind my apartment. 

I also thought this could be a good time to organize my memorabilia and miniature models that I have collected over the years. When all ready it might make for an interesting post.

Speaking of posts, I have a couple of backlog ones that I should be able to publish soon, plus another visit to Omori Factory this weekend to check out the GT-R and service the Fairlady, and maybe even see some of the special cars they have in the shop at the moment. 

Hopefully we will all be able to return to our normal lives pretty soon. Stay healthy and stay safe!

Until next time.

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