Sunday, March 8, 2020

Back Home - お帰り!

Time flies! It’s been a bit over nine months since I took delivery of my GT-R and during one of my visits in December Ochiai-san suggested that it was time to perform a small inspection to make sure that everything is holding up correctly. After all, this is a fully hand-built car and there is always a little margin for error or potential small imperfections that might arise as the car starts to break in. So, after waiting a few weeks for a spot to open, I was finally able to drop it off at Omori Factory for a check up and a bit of work to be done. 

I must admit that seeing the GT-R back where it was born, this time along with my Z, felt pretty special. Regular maintenance can really be performed anywhere and there are plenty of great shops and mechanics, but I like continuity, and who could be more qualified than the person who built the car in the first place? I think it also adds to the story and character of the car; living in Japan definitely has its perks.

So what needs to be done? Firstly we agreed on going through a small checklist (engine, chassis, transmission, etc) to make sure that the everything is holding up as the day it left the factory, as well as a mandatory engine oil change. Then it will be off to the paint shop (again, same shop where it was originally painted) to fix two small stone chips on the rear left arch fender cover and a tiny scratch on the side step that was done before delivery. 

Ochiai-san scolded me for letting dust sitting on the car as it could damage the paint, but luckily it was covered with Echelon glass coating and, after checking with the body shop, they assured me that a good wash and detail will bring back the original gloss shine. They will also re-apply a generous layer of Echelon for good measure. 

Lastly, I will have three parts fitted: one are the Nismo Multifunction Blue Mirrors (bling!) that were out of stock when I bought the car, while the other two should be finished in the coming weeks. I’ve been working on having these made for almost one year now - just a bit more patience! 

Omori Factory is currently closed to the public until March 18th due to the coronavirus. Without new cars coming in this should allow plenty of time to the staff to work with calm and I look forward to having the GT-R back just in time for spring.

Until next time.

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  1. If flawless paint is mandatory then I would seriously consider paint protection film.