Sunday, February 23, 2020

One-off - The Perfect BNR34?

Ok, I promise this the last post for the week, but yesterday I ran into what is probably one of my favorite GT-R ever, so I had to blog about it. This particular car was hand built by Nismo in a unique specification many years ago, way before the CRS, and resides in southern Japan. It visits Omori Factory for shaken and maintenance every 2 years, so it's quite rare to see it in the flesh. 

I first ran into it when my car was being built: incredibly tasteful spec finished in Spark Silver Metallic with plenty of unique details and, most importantly, maintained to perfection. Looks like a Z-tune, but the V-spec sticker and R35 brakes say otherwise. To my knowledge this was one of the very few one-off built by Nismo before the CRS program. No photos of the engine bay were allowed, so this is all I can share, but I hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time.

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