Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Lake Kawaguchi & Tatsumi

Final post of what has been pretty much a full coverage of my past weekend, but as I mentioned I fitted the GT Shift Knob planning to test it out over some long distance driving, so here we go.

I ended up hitting Hakone turnpike as a first, easy starting point. This time I was with female company, so opted for a cruise at moderate speed and enjoyed driving as smoothly as possible. The gear changes felt crisp and precise and the Z is just an awesome car to cover distance on the winding roads with. 

From Hakone we drove an additional 65 kilometers up north and headed towards Lake Lawaguchi. There was a bit of traffic, but as you can see from the opening photo it was all worth it; this place must look even better in summer!

We then headed to a famous local udon restaurant for lunch: the building was constructed using traditional Japanese techniques with no tiles or extra insulation in the roof. I love discovering little gems like this.

The whole town surrounding the lake is pretty much themed around Mt. Fuji, so did the spice and toothpick containers.

The food, as expected, was fantastic. I had cold soba with a side of braised pork and vegetable tempura.

Monday I took advantage of an extra day of national holiday (courtesy of the Emperor’s Birthday) to cruise around the C9 and explore new routes around Tokyo.

Tatsumi PA is the perfect spot, especially during late afternoon hours when lots of owners show up to take photos of their cars at sunset and enjoy the view of Tokyo skyline. 

I used to go a lot at night during weekends, but with the police cracking down on meetings and the generally louder audience I think I’m really starting to prefer earlier hours.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed discovering new parts and aspects of Japan.

Until next time.

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