Saturday, February 22, 2020

GT Shift Knob Fitted!

Well, that escalated quickly: I just posted this morning about the re-release of the Nismo GT Shift Knob and by late afternoon I ended up with one fitted on my Fairlady Z. So, how did it happen? 

As I wrote in my earlier post I was actually playing with the idea of dropping by Omori Factory to take a closer look. After a quick text from Ochiai-san confirming that they were already available I jumped in the car and cruised towards Yokohama. 

The current selection of cars on display is probably one of the best I have seen in recent times.

Especially the trio of Group C cars in matching liveries: epic. I guess they were on display to commemorate Nissan’s participation in the 24 Hours of Daytona as the 2020 edition took place just few weeks ago.

Back to the topic, believe it or not, this was one part that I was eagerly awaiting and a functional mod rather than just some Nismo bling. The shift feeling on the Z is already short and precise, but it’s incredible how much it can be improved with this part.

After all shifting is one of the main events that occur while driving and any improvement that can be made is well worth it. As I’m planning to drive over the long weekend (and wanted to avoid having to wait for restock in the future) I thought it’d make sense to just go ahead and buy it. I chose the titanium model and also bought one for the GT-R.

Fitting the knob is really a 5 minutes job, however the proper tools are needed and this is when Ochiai-san came to the rescue by lending me the necessary wrenches to get the trick done. 

It really only takes 2 tools, so I moved the car, lined them up and got to work.

Step 1: remove the OEM shift knob. All I had to do was firmly rotate it counterclockwise and it came off with no issues. Surprisingly it’s quite heavy (and a bit ugly)!

Step 2: fit the steel sleeve on the shift lever. Pretty self explanatory (why am I writing a tutorial?).

I tightened it up a bit, but to be honest it was already firmly in place once I bolted it on by hand.

Step 3: fit the knob. I just made sure that the vertical Nismo logo was in the right position and then proceeded to tighten the bolt with a hex wrench.

I then removed the protective film that was still in place on my brand new shifter surrounding which Ochiai-san had replaced a couple of weeks ago.

Along with the inner cover of the interior door handles - ah, the beauty of factory fresh OEM parts!

Step 4: fit the shift pattern sticker. This is mandatory and required in order to pass shaken (Japanese biannual roadworthiness test). The Fairlady requires the 10mm version of the knob, which comes with patterns for both 5 and 6 speed cars.

Done! I’m actually pretty surprised by how well I managed to fix this right in the perfect spot. 

The verdict? It was well worth it and a fun Saturday afternoon! The titanium feels great, the shifts are more rapid and precise and the lever is now just the perfect length. 

Looking forward to some long touring this weekend.

Until next time.

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