Saturday, December 7, 2019

Nismo Competition Oil

Few weeks ago I picked up my Fairlady Z Nismo Ver. from Omori Factory after a long overdue oil change. After 5,000km of touring and the track day at Sodegaura it surely needed a refresh.

Oil of choice was Nismo Competition Oil type 2018E by Motul, which is specifically engineered for high performing NA engines. Perhaps it’s the placebo effect, or maybe the claims on the website are true, but the engine does feel a bit more responsive and seems to rev a bit smoother. 

However, I noticed that the oil pressure reads significantly higher than before. Increased readings after an oil change seem to be a popular topic of discussion amongst Z owners, but Ochiai-san reassured me that this is normal and is mostly due to the oil being new. Brake fluid was replaced with fresh Motul RBF600 and I also took the opportunity to order some new parts for a little cosmetic refresh. 

This time the guys seemed quite busy, so I didn’t stay longer than needed and jumped behind the wheel for a quick cruise around Tokyo bay and a mandatory stop at Tatsumi PA. With its super smooth tarmac, changes of elevation, bridges and nice sequence of bends, the waterfront is one of my favorite Tokyo areas to drive through. 

The new middle section of Harumi ohashi is also a great new addition to the C1 and offers a great view of the city, especially on a clear day at sunset.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this small update. I’ll be up nice and early tomorrow for Nismo Festival at Fuji Speedway. 

Until next time.

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