Sunday, December 22, 2019

New BNR34 Parts Testing?

Yesterday I stopped by Omori Factory to quickly check about some parts I had on order for the Fairlady and just happened to run into the Z-tune prototype as it was about to leave the facility.

The car was loaded with diagnostic devices and wiring taped on the lower side of the body. Upon its return it quickly disappeared inside one of the two hidden bays at the very bottom of the workshop, which is where the cool stuff is kept away from curious eyes. What could it be? Not many new BNR34 parts were released in 2019 and hopefully something interesting is in the works for 2020.

After being announced at R’s Meeting in September the now famous LM GT4 in 19” were also on display at the showroom. Personally I’ve never been a fan of this upgraded size: it’s simply redundant and makes the car look funny (especially without upgraded R35 brakes), plus the almost flat shape of the spokes is a bit ugly in my opinion. 

Back to the original reason behind my visit, looks like the interior refresh of my Fairlady will have to wait until January: all the parts have arrived and now we just need to pin a date. With Christmas around the corner I couldn’t help it and indulged in a bit of shopping. 

This was my last visit to Omori Factory for the year as the workshop will close on December 26th for a well deserved holiday break.

Until next time.

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