Monday, August 12, 2019

New CRS Parts

Back in April, when I took delivery of my GT-R, I mentioned about three parts that were still missing as they couldn’t be fitted on time for collection day. Truth is that I came up with the ideas way too late and still wasn’t sure whether they would grant my request, nor if production was actually feasible. A whole two months went by when finally, while I was at the Nürburgring, I received a message with the news I was waiting for!

Once back in Japan I literally rushed to Omori Factory to see the final result in person. The problem (or fun?) with one-off parts is that you’ll never know how they’ll turn out until they’re finished. The long hours spent tinkering and the matching price tag make it a fairly expensive exercise, so you really hope that they’ll meet expectations. Luckily, they did! So, what are the parts? This will have to wait for a future post, but in the meantime I’ll leave a little sneak peek below.

Chatting with the guys I was surprised to hear that preparations for Nismo Festival 2019 were pretty much already ongoing. Considering that the event is still several months away it gives a pretty good idea of the logistic efforts that go into keeping all these old cars in running condition.

Speaking of which, it’s been a few years since the 400R has made an appearance at the festival and it would be great to see it again in December. This time it was sitting at the showroom and is probably still on display at the time this post is being published.

I always had a soft spot for Nismo very own model finished in Lightning Yellow, it’s such a 90’s color and suits the car incredibly well. If I’d ever own a BCNR33 I think I would probably repaint it in this shade and add a set of black LMGT4s. Could this be the ultimate Gran Turismo poster car?

Speaking of Gran Turismo, I was recently hit by a nostalgia wave while surfing Yahoo! Auctions. Predictably, it left my wallet several thousands yen lighter and me a little bit happier. Hope that eveybody is having a great summer.

Until next time.


  1. gosh what could that purple part be?!

  2. I have no idea what the purple part can be..

    It's official, we are heading to Nismo in October..thanks for another great post..

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