Tuesday, July 30, 2019

VR. G2 Omori Factory Spec

Back in Japan, finally! Traveling is great, but after two weeks on the road nothing feels quite like being back home. This time I had an extra reason to be excited as something special was awaiting at Nismo Performance Center in Setagaya. My Fairlady Z Ver. Nismo is back, with a twist!

Some of you might be familiar with my tire-fiasco earlier in June, when the old Bridgestone Potenza literally crumbled under the weight of the car. The Z was at Nismo for the whole duration of my trip, which gave the guys plenty of time to perform a through health check, change all fluids, renew the shaken and, obviously, fit some new rubber (Michelin PS4). What I hadn’t anticipated was being able to find a set of VR. G2 Omori Factory Spec. This was a Japan-only limited release for the Fairlady Z and featured dedicated offset, extra knurling, a gloss black finish and the Nismo logo machined on one of the spokes. I think they look fantastic and give the car a whole new look!

More good news come from the weather front, as the rainy season is over and it finally feels like proper summer - time to drive! I clocked over 800km in the past two weekends alone, mostly running around the Shutoku Expressway.

This also included a 4 hours Saturday night session where I hit the holy trinity of Wangan parking areas Tatsumi/Daikoku/Umihotaru twice in a row. Running the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line (an underwater, 24 kilometers tunnel with no speed cameras connecting Chiba to Kanagawa) I also realized that the Z is still electronically limited to 180km/h. Time to do something about it?

Clear weather also means busier parking areas, and Tatsumi never disappoints. I remember seeing this group of R34s parked at Omori Factory on the very day I took delivery of my CRS. Small world, uh? 

Besides my Fairlady there was also another Nissan in the parking lot, a rather nice R35 Nismo finished in silver. 

You could be forgiven to think this was a car meet of sort, but no, it’s just a standard Sunday afternoon in Tokyo on a nice, hot summer day.

After a few days of consecutive driving the Z feels less grumpy and the engine revs more smoothly. It probably had been sitting for quite a while and it’s getting better after each drive, almost as I’m breaking it in again. I even went to extreme lengths to test the drink-holding capabilities of the spoiler with this limited edition “Shonan Coke” that tastes exactly like standard Coke!

Driving the Fairlady on the super smooth Tokyo expressway is fantastic, however, now that is fitted with fresh new tires, isn’t it time to take it for a proper shakedown somewhere more appropriate? I think so. 

Until next time.

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  1. Fuji Speedway it is, then! :)
    Very nice wheels, good choice!