Thursday, June 20, 2019

Shutoku Encounters and More Zondas

One of my goals for 2019 was to spend more time enjoying the car hobby and, as we are halfway through the year, I can say that I’ve been true to my resolution. The CRS is back home and (almost) complete, I finally bought the Fairlady Z and I’m off to the Nürburgring for the 24 hours race this week; these were the three big-ticket items that I just had to to this year. On the side, however, I’ve been able to enjoy the smaller bits and pieces of car culture that make driving and owning a car in Japan so unique.

Starting with finally driving again around Tokyo and stopping at the famous parking areas on the Shutoku Expressway. As simple as its, driving on the perfectly smooth roads while taking in the view of Tokyo bay and its iconic skyline is just a great way to spend half an afternoon. 

On a sunny day there won’t be shortage of interesting cars and the owners are always cool and open to chat. I’m not a huge fan of driving through traffic, but on the right day nothing beats a lap around the C1.

Another unique aspect of Tokyo car culture is just how easy it is to run into some of the rarest cars on the planet. Japanese are great collectors, but they do take their rides out, or sometimes even display them to the public, which is exactly what Yusaku Maezawa (a Japanese billionaire and art collector) did with his Pagani Zonda “Zozo”.

Yes, I just love the Zonda so much that I had to go and see this car in person. Visually is not too different from the other Zonda 760 that I wrote about in a previous post, albeit it’s finished in an unique shade of purple that really compliments the lines of the car.

Purple is one of my favorite colors, yet an incredibly difficult one to get right when it comes to painting cars. This very Zonda was one of the sources of inspiration that I used to formulate the hue for the details of my CRS. Although they look different from certain angles, I studied how this color behaves and responds to light as this is the number one factor that ultimately affects how purple looks in real life.

Getting the right shade while eliminating the presence of the red/maroon sheen often produced by color shift paint was a bit of a headache, but also one of the most enjoyable parts of the project as I could give full input on the direction. The other challenge was to engineer the color in powder coat paint to prevent it from darkening due to heat cycles. The Zonda was the main inspiration when it came to hide touches of purple on the car: this is something where you really don’t want to overdo things.

Other than that, the past couple of weeks I have been busy preparing for my Nürburgring trip and just enjoying summer in Tokyo.

I made sure to hit a restaurants before I’ll leave, as much as I look forward to indulging in German food I will miss my local sushi spot.

Can you think of a better excuse for a last visit before leaving? I couldn't.

And that’s it for this month: I’ll be off to Europe soon and look forward to documenting my trip!

Until next time.


  1. Please share your favourite sushi place!

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