Saturday, June 15, 2019

Fairlady Z Ver. Nismo Delivery

Right after Golden Week I also took delivery of my new Fairlady Z Version Nismo. That’s two cars in two weeks: you can look at it as the poor man’s version of those YouTubers who pick up thier new Ferrari in a McLaren.

The Version Nismo sports a series of modifications over the standard Z33: extra spot welding to stiffen the chassis carried by Autech, Yamaha performance dampers, Nismo suspension arms and S-tunes, larger brakes, revised aero all around and the more refined, higher-reviving VQ-HR engine.

Just like with the GT-R, I followed my instinct over the spec sheet: sure there are “better” cars out there, but this one does it for me. In every day, real life situation it has enough power to deliver plenty of fun on normal roads and, most importantly, it’s an easy car to drive and own.

I touched on this point before: I wanted something that I could jump in and drive anytime, anywhere with peace of mind. A great sign that I picked up the right car is that discovering small scratches and parts that need replacing didn’t bother me anywhere as close as it did with the GT-R. I remember the excruciating pain of finding out swirl marks and small dents on my BNR34 (pre-CRS transformation), while with the Z all it provoked was a shoulder shrug.

Due to the incredible high volume of units produced and the relatively younger age of the car parts availability won’t be an issue for many, many years to come, and all the expertise I need to maintain the car in perfect shape is just a drive away from Omori Factory or Nismo Performance Center Tokyo. With only 19,000km on the odometer the car is very low mileage, but, as often is the case, it was neglected a bit and will need a full fluid change and some parts to be replaced before I can enjoy it with peace of mind. The tires especially are the original Bridgestone Potenza RE that the car was delivered with: dangerous!

For the sake of safety I had to hold off from taking it out for a proper test drive. As I’m leaving for the Nürburgring next week time has also been limited, so my experience so far has been restricted to quick visits to Super Autobacs and Tatsumi PA. As always there is no shortage of cool car encounters on the Shutoko Expressway.

I did venture once all the way to Omori Factory to show the car to the guys. The overall verdict was a thumb up, although the car could have been cared for a bit better. Oh well, I’ll take care of it from now on!

For the past month, along with the original Pennzoil R34, the Xanavi Z from 2007 was on display at the showroom. It’s so cool to see the racing version of your own road car, especially when it looks like something out of a videogame.

My Nürburgring trip couldn’t come at a better time: the monsoon season is almost in full swing and we just enjoyed the last few days of clear skies before the rain. After over a year without the GT-R I missed driving around Tokyo so badly and tried to make the most out of the early summer weather.

I have a lot planned for the Fairlady and look forward to exploring the best winding roads and circuits that Japan has to offer with it.

Until next time.

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