Saturday, April 6, 2019

Patience & Sakura

One thing I learned about car restoration and tuning projects is that patience is the name of the game: they will inevitably take longer than expected. A couple weeks delay has turned in almost a month and now my GT-R should be ready before Golden Week. It’s really 95% finished and awaiting just a few final touches, but the good news are that it turned even better than I originally imagined.

No car means more killing time around and sakura season has helped with that as I spent a couple of afternoons enjoying one of the most famous Japanese traditions.

Today I headed to Odaiba for some car spotting at Motorsport Japan.

Nothing too different from the previous editions, but great weather, cool cars and coffee always make it for a good morning.

It was cool to see one of the most iconic Italian rally heroes receiving much love from Japanese enthusiast. It does make me wonder what would have taken in the 80’s to import one of these from Italy, but Japan is renowned for being home of some very passionate collectors.

The event is divided in two parts: a sort of concourse d’elegance for vintage JDM metal and rally cars replicas and some promotional booths and small events to promote sports cars and motorsport to the general public. Nothin earth shattering, but it was cool to see the old JGTC Fairlady Z on display.

I have a soft spot for this racecar and I think it looks as good as the BNR34 that it replaced in 2004.

I love the vintage Nismo stickers and Super Coppermix mascotte!

And, of course, if cars are not enough you can always count on Japan being Japan and nonchalantly place a real-life sized Gundam next to a shopping mall.

Bonus points: I scored a very old 1:43 scale model of the old Nissan Prince BNR34 that competed in Super Taikyu N1 back in 1999 for a mere ¥2,000! Some of the staff that now works at Nismo Performance Centre in Setagaya, like Yamada-san, used to work as race mechanics of this very team and honed their skills on track before start taking care of road going customer cars.

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  1. I have enjoyed every line, every picture. The destination heightened by the story as I traveled along with you..
    Thank you.