Sunday, March 10, 2019

Taking a Break

As some of you might have noticed, updates on the blog have slowed down a bit recently. After a year of weekly visits to monitor progress, sourcing parts, changing plans, and endless texting and calling with some of the most patient people in the world, I felt like taking a break was in order.

Also, one of my new resolutions for 2019 is to experience new things and explore new hobbies. So, when last Friday I boarded on the Shinkansen towards my first snowboarding trip, I thought I’d share another small glimpse of life in Japan before going back to regular programming.

As somebody who is passionate about cars and machines in general it’s difficult not to appreciate the stunning engineering and design of these trains. The service is absolutely impeccable and after a couple of hours smoothly cruising at 300km/h towards northern Japan we arrived in Niigata.

I have said this many times, but I would strongly recommend any Japanese cars enthusiast to expand their horizon and explore more of what Japan has to offer as a country. Seriously, cars and videogames are just the tip of the iceberg: discovering the country and digging a bit deeper into the local culture will give these passions a whole new depth.

The other side bonus is that you’ll be able to enjoy raw, unstaged Japanese car culture, like this frozen Mitsubishi Evo chilling in a parking area close to our resort. It really doesn’t get any more JDM than this.

The weekend was nothing short of fantastic and it was a good reminder of how getting out of our comfort zone is key to broaden our vision and make the most out of life. 

I am not a mountain guy, but two days spent trying to master snowboarding basics, drinking and eating with friends while taking in the scenery were absolutely fantastic; now I can’t wait for my Nürburgring trip this summer.

In the meantime, somewhere in Yokohama, something is undergoing final tuning. Few more weeks to go...

Until next time.

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