Sunday, February 24, 2019

(Small) Car Update & New Projects

The past few weeks have been quite hectic; from finalizing the last touches on my BNR34 to booking my Nürburgring trip I had little time to update the blog. Let’s start with my car: a bit over one month away from completion we are really approaching the last phases of the build and this weekend I headed over to deliver one more part.

I remember the confused look I was given by some of my friends when over 2 years ago I started collecting parts at Nissan Prince Motorsport Tokyo; fast forward to today and it revealed to be a choice that paid off in spades as I have been forced to used some of the additional spares in my stock as they are now discontinued and even Omori Factory couldn’t supply them. This weekend it was a very simple and inexpensive cover that fits in the trunk; however, given the size, it called for a rental to be transported. Fittingly, this time I was given a Nissan Note.

The car is nearly 95% complete and, at this point, I’m really excited to see what the end result will look like. Last time I felt so much anticipation must have been Christmas Eve ‘95. Ironically, although yet to be finished, I have already planned a first major modification that will be likely fitted this summer once the car will be run in. More to come.

Although I didn’t spend much time in the workshop and pretty much dropped my part and left, I couldn’t help but noticing how the number of R35s that I’ve seen in for servicing and upgrades has been definitely increasing over the last years or so. This will definitely be a big focus for Nismo future parts development as the “old” 35 is slowly becoming a modern classic.

Speaking of the R35, the mighty Motul Autech GT-R that claimed the Super GT title in 2015 was on display in the showroom. This car might not evoke the nostalgic feeling of the older R34 racers, but it surely has presence and even the untrained eye can notice the amount of technology that has been poured into engineering it.

GT500 cars are faster than LMP2 prototypes around Fuji Speedway; I have been following the series live since 2013 and this truly is the pinnacle of Japanese motorsport. I would definitely recommend anyone who has the opportunity to watch at least one race as it surely makes for a great experience.

As I was leaving, I ran into an interesting surprise in the parking area: a vintage Skyline laying on a flatbed.

The car had definitely seen better days and I wonder if it was brought in for restoration (although Aki suggested that this might be more of a job for Autech).

In other news, the summer trip to the Nürburgring is also almost completely booked: flights, accommodation, driving school, taxi laps and car rental are all confirmed - now it’s time for some planning to ensure I’ll make the most out of my time there! I actually managed to finalize some of the details while having lunch at a new udon place close to the factory: generously portioned and inexpensive, this is Japanese soul food at its best.

Spring is around the corner and, with the car incoming and other new projects on the horizon I am really excited for the new season ahead.

Until next time.


  1. I can't wait to see your BNR34 when it done and I really interested in your new projects

    Keep on and good luck!

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