Sunday, February 10, 2019

King of the ‘Ring

Hard to believe, but the R35 GT-R is now over 10 years old; I clearly remember seeing it presented to the world at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2007. Today, it's still a car with great presence, albeit being a common sight around the world. The same, however, cannot be said for the Nismo version, especially when fitted with the N Attack Package.

Former JGTC Champion Michael Krumm set the Nürburgring record for production cars in 2013 with a car fitted with the same options list. I was lucky to see the record-setting model at the Factory many years ago, before it got tucked away inside Nismo garage. Krumm is a owner himself of a white Nismo R35 fitted with the kit he helped develop - must be a nice feeling!

I ran into this brand new (and very red) MY18 model a few weeks ago during a visit to Omori Factory. The car was in for pre delivery inspection after being fitted with the top of the line A Kit.

The cost of ticking all the options boxes is absolutely eye watering: priced at ¥9,000,000 the A Kit is just few hundred thousands Yen shy of the sticker tag of a brand new R35 GT-R.

For that amount owners get dedicated carbon intercooler piping, a retouched ECM, upgraded front and rear L.S.D. units, carbon fenders and rear wing plus other aerodynamic improvements. Carbon Recaro bucket seats are added, while the rear seats are removed in the name of weight saving.

The biggest item, which accounts for roughly 30% of the final bill, must be the dedicated set of 4 way adjustable Öhlins dampers and shocks, which are basically a GT3 racer spec version adapted for the road. If this wasn’t enough, owners can also add in optional Willans harnesses and a carbon fiber gurney flap on the front hood that is for circuit use only. The full spec list can be found here.

Whether the performance benefits of the package are worth the price tag is up to the owners to decide, but they surely add character to a car that is already quite special.

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  1. Great post as always. Keep up the great works!

  2. great post.

    what does the carbon fiber gurney flap on the front hood look like please?

    1. here

    2. Well, looks like Mike got me beat there! That’s exactly how the gurney looks!

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