Saturday, December 1, 2018

Nismo BNR34 S-tune Prototype

Recently I’ve been very lucky during my visits at Omori Factory: almost every time I managed to run into cars that are a bit more special than others. Few weeks ago I posted some shots of the hand-built Z-tune Proto and pointed out how it was fitted with a Connolly Leather interior which was exclusive to UK delivered cars. Turns out that back in the early 2000s Nismo requested five sets of that unique interior and fitted them on few demo cars and prototypes. During one of my last visits I ran into one of them.

Based on a V-spec model, this specific car used to be a S-tune prototype and then a democar owned by Nismo, before being rebuilt, retuned to a higher spec and sold to its current owner. The car was in for a service and shaken, all the way from the Chūgoku region; I was lucky to spot it just the day before it was shipped back. Besides the special interior, clad in all black leather, the car was fitted with a full aero package, R35 brakes, S-tune suspensions and a few other touches. Apologies for the black and white photos, but the car has been repainted in a special color and I felt obliged to honor the staff request to protect the owner’s privacy.

As always there was no scarcity of tasty cars in the workshop area and I had to indulge with a few teasers. The combination of Midnight Purple III and carbon fiber is surely hard to resist.

The complete Skyline GT-R was also undergoing the final preparations ahead of Nismo Festival. Watch for some new (titanium) bits to be released this weekend!

This time I ended up staying so late that the guys had already closed the main entrance and turned the lights off in the showroom.

Eventually I was escorted out of the building through a secondary exit which made it for a pretty exciting yet unexpected tour, but unfortunately no photos were allowed. I can’t thank the guys enough for their hospitality.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed this short post. Looking forward to Nismo Festival at Fuji Speedway tomorrow!

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  1. great post. show us more of Japan too!

  2. I hope we see that purple more in details in TAS ;-)


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