Sunday, November 11, 2018

Rare JDM Hunting at Omori Factory

Over the past few months I visited Omori Factory almost on a weekly basis and was lucky to run into quite a few cool cars. Some of these, like Z-tune #15 or the 1 of 1 QT1 Pearl White V-spec II had their own dedicated post, but they aren’t the only ones.

One of my favorites has to be the Z-tune Proto: in my personal opinion this is the BNR34 with the richest history around. Not to be confused with P-001 this is the development mule used to test all the components of the final car and, at one point, was fitted with the 600ps Z1 Concept Engine and a 8 pot brakes setup. The body construction of this specific model is like no other GT-R.

Based on a pre-production V-spec II model, it was also fitted with a roll-cage for circuit duties as well as an unique version of the Connolly leather interior bespoke for the UK-only models (minus the Bride carbon-kevlar bucket seats). Test runs at the Nürburgring and a small documentary of this car were also featured on an old Nismo DVD that I was lucky to find on Yahoo! Auctions.

The parking area alone is also a great place for car spotting.

A couple of weeks back I encountered one of the few Fairlady Z33 S-tune complete car.

This package that was offered many years ago and included a mildly tuned S2 engine, revised aero, Brembo F50 brakes, S-tune suspensions, semi-bucket seats and a Nismo steering wheel.

On the other hand the Nürburgring lap time of the Nismo truck is still undisclosed...

Lastly, the Stagea 260RS Autech edition is a tru emblem of old school JDM. Hard to imagine today’s Nissan fitting the R35 engine into a production model station wagon, but that exactly what they did back in the late 90’s. 

They transplanted the same RB26 engine found on the BCNR33 into the Stagea as well as the ATTESA E-TS all wheel drive unit.

One of these cars recently received the 1,000th Nismo engine (an upgrade form S1 to S2) and the owner of this particular model surely must love his car as it was in absolutely spotless condition and featured R35 brakes and a set LM GT4s.

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  1. Please can you start a online shop selling Japan car goodies?

  2. Thanks for stopping by. The online shop might be in the works, what kind of products would you be interested to see?

    1. Models, books, paintings, graphics, t-shirts, toys, stuff you find at T-Books at Dakayama, stuff you find at car shops. Everything unique! Thank you!

  3. for the online shop we would like to be able to buy the latest gtr magazine, and it would be lovely to find rare discotiniued stuff either from nismo, mines, etc.. as for the post topic beautiful cars as always and love the stagea ! its rims not any lmgt4s they are the 05ver limitedII that came with centerlock caps ( see the two small holes around the center hub for the center cap assembly)

  4. So may I ask what happened to the Z1 engine is it by the omori factory or was it converted into a Z2 engine?