Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Life After Crashing

And just like that it’s already November and while it seems that it will take several months before my car will be ready at least I’ve kept myself busy with the latest GT-R Magazine issue. This one actually explores a really interesting topic: repairing and salvaging cars after accidents.

Crashed cars carry an universal stigma on the second hand market, but Japanese culture truly embraces the ideals of preserving and taking care of prized possessions, even if sometimes it means going against (financial) logic. Months ago the editor’s very own Dark Metal Grey MY07 R35 GT-R was involved in a major accident during a track day that pretty much left the car as complete write-off. 

The issue covers the repair process of the car as well as other RB26 GT-Rs and the philosophy behind not letting die something that, while almost damaged beyond repair, still has so much meaning for its owner. The amount of work (and cost) behind the final result is incredible and it was fully documented with fantastic photos as always. This is the same car that went through a complete overhaul at Omori Factory in 2014 (first R35 ever, the process was documented in a special double DVD) and has now covered over 200,000km. It was on display at R’s Meeting and looked better than new. 

Hard to believe that 2018 is almost over, but finally temperatures have dropped a bit and I have been enjoying capturing autumn’s colors in Tokyo while playing with my iPhone filters.

Tokyo has truly some of the best architecture you’ll find anywhere in the world.

And, as always, makes it for a great playground for car spotting - catch of the week: a super rare Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition in a very bright orange.

Until next time.

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