Sunday, October 14, 2018

LX0 - Celebrating Midnight Purple III

Midnight Purple III is arguably the most iconic color amongst BNR34 aficionados, and rightly so: it screams 90’s like few other hues and truly makes look the R34 Skyline GT-R like something out of a PlayStation videogame.

So, when I ran into a proper stock looking model at R’s Meeting this past September, I had to indulge and take a few extra shots.

While not fully original (the engine bay had been resprayed and the engine itself some work done), the exterior of this model looked pretty much the same way it rolled out of the assembly line in the year 2000, down to the controversial zenki yellow winkers.

In order to accentuate the contrast, cars finished on this color were fitted with the OEM wheel finished in light silver and a matching rear spoiler flap.

This car, being a V-spec, is one of the 132 ever produced in the higher spec trim.

Allegedly, all the allocations of this limited edition color sold out in a matter of hours at Nissan dealerships back in the day.

And looks like the original owner of this one went all out with the specs, as the car was fitted with the optional oil cooler system as hinted by the asymmetrical vent on the left side of the front bumper.

Personally I truly love the brilliant purple glow of the paint, but this can be truly appreciated only when standing almost perfectly parallel to the car; otherwise it shifts to a maroon-ish tint that is really not of my liking.

Regardless LX0 really must be seen in the flesh to be truly appreciated. Supercar makers such as McLaren are taking color-shift paints to the next level today, but hats off to Nissan for releasing such a crazy hue on a production car 20 years ago.

Love it or hate it, Midnight Purple III is truly the most iconic BNR34 color right next to Bayside Blue.

Until next time.


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