Sunday, September 23, 2018

R’s Meeting 2018 Part 2 - The Tuners

So, where do we start? Well, it has to be from the Global Auto stand, which was located just before everybody else. And with a 400R and Z-tune combo, they were surely flexing their limbs on everybody else.

No matter how many times you run into them, these are the two very best complete cars to ever leave Omori Factory and rightly so, deserve a little limelight.

The Z-tune was build 002 and looked absolutely immaculate.

The engine bay looked almost understated compared to most of the other tuned cars, but the carbon-fiber clad strut towers tell a different story: this is the apex predator of the GT-R world.

They also had a completely refreshed V-spec II in Bayside Blue that had been completed just in time for the event.

It had a massive spec list and looked like a very clean and solid build.

Right on their left Racing Service Takagi (a shop I never heard of before) had on display some very aggressive, track oriented machines.

Enkei and Michelin had both on display two very red BNR34, courtesy of MCR.

While Auto Gallery Yokohama had what seemed to be their street and track interpretations of the BNR34.

The latter, especially, had some serious bodywork and aero on.

Mine’s is another name that needs no introduction in the GT-R world.

Both their R35 and R35 democars looked neat and purpose-built as always.

Although I wonder if the R35 will ever reach the same legendary status as their “ultimate response machine”: those early 2000 Best Motoring videos were really something else.

Talk about rare finds at R’s Meeting: a completely stock car, and a rare M-spec finished in Silica Breath too.

With barely 6,000 km on the odometer this car was never rained upon and in absolute showroom condition.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Three H had on display a BCNR33 that was well far from looking stock.

It’s interesting to see how trends change: on one side the aftermarket and tuning scene for RB26 powered GT-R has slowly transitioned into a restoration or resto-modding focused business. 

Names like Garage Yoshida, for example, have become true speciality shops when it comes to restoring frames and can literally turn a wrecked car back to brand new.

On the other hand the quest to extract the biggest amount of power and response from the R35 doesn’t seem to stop.

The HKS democar especially looked like something out of a videogame; while I didn’t check the spec list I have no doubt that the power figure must be somewhere around 1,000ps.

Some tuners, on the other hand, still haven’t given up on developing new parts for the RB26, and Tomei surely leads the pack. This year they had on display their new cast exhaust manifolds.

The whole system was connected to a full titanium Ti  Sport exhaust.

Robson Leather had on display their democar, which is in fact customer owned. I featured this car before as, being one of the only 9 M-spec Nür ever produced in Silica Breath, this is indeed a rare machine. Personally I think the owner went a little bit overboard with the bling, with a mix of Nismo and Mine’s stickers, chromed emblems as well as the painted lip and exposed carbon bonnet: that’s a little too much.

Back to old school simplicity, as GT-R Magazine managed to put on display this Group A BNR32.

And Top Secret also had a vintage racer at their stand. I always found very cool how these cars would race with completely stock aero packages.

Talk shows and raffles events took place throughout the day, attracting a serious crowd of hardcore Japanese enthusiasts.

Eventually I had to stop by the Omori Factory booth, where the guys were having a busy day interacting with visitors.

Although there is a lot under development, this year no new parts were put on display.

Except for the CRS, which was fitted with an expensive set of Brembo carbon ceramic brakes off the R35 Spec V.

Worth around 4.5 million Yen, these are not offered for sale, but just fitted for fun and to spice things up a bit.

Nonetheless, the carbon weave visible on the rotors was really cool.

Lastly, just when I thought I’d leave the even with my wallet unscathed, I had to grab a pair of carbon fiber sunglasses from the Mine’s stand.

I tried to convince myself that I needed a new pair since my old, trusty Ray Ban have collected a few scratches over the years, but in all honesty this was a total fanboy move. Oh well, sometimes life goes that way.

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