Thursday, May 3, 2018

Golden Week - Visit to Super Autobacs

It’s finally Golden Week in Japan and I’ve been off from work since last Friday: time to enjoy a less crowded Tokyo and relax a bit.

With the GT-R tucked away in storage until its final trip to Omori Factory in June I’ve been enjoying the car hobby in other forms, namely picking up the latest GT-R Magazine and a special issue of Racing On, dedicated to the history of racing Supras - very cool.

I’ve also made a quick stop to Super Autobacs in Shinonome, in search for some cool ideas and inspiration for my car.

For those of you who are not familiar with it, this is basically heaven for DIY and car accessories enthusiasts.

You will find a huge selection of items, ranging from exhausts and bucket seats to steering wheels and navigation systems.

The selection is quite vast and you will find some of the best names in the automotive industry.

Bilstein suspensions off the shelf? Not bad at all! Although, for the really high-end stuff I guess you will need to place an order.

Acquiring parts in 2018 is just a one-click online affair, but where I think this place really stands out is the accessory and DIY selection: LED, stickers, nuts & bolts, cars & was products - if you like to get your hands dirty working on your car this is the ultimate man cave.

The magazine section is also very impressive, with a lot of back numbers and older Hyper Rev issues.

The sticker selection is probably every fanboy wet-dream.

While this 1:6 scale model of the RB26 will set you back around 30,000¥. Any takers?

The parking area obviously sees no shortage  of cool cars coming in and out - this S15 looked pretty aggressive.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you enjoyed this little virtual tour. Summer is getting closer and the weather is near perfect these days.

Off to Fuji Speedway tomorrow for the Super GT 500km race special!

Until next time.

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