Friday, April 13, 2018

Skyline by Setsuo Toma

In an era where everything is going digital I developed a renewed appreciation for paper publications, like GT-R Magazine, for example. I like the wait in between issues and the event of going to the book store to pick up my copy; flipping through the pages while sipping on coffee is easily one of my favorite ways to relax on a Saturday morning. A couple of weeks back I picked up a book titled - you guessed it - "Skyline", curated by Setsuo Toma.

The book is a collection of all the catalogues, advertisement posters and option brochures released for every single car under the Skyline family tree.

While the BNR34, BCNR33 and BNR32 take the main stage, the book also covers the non-GT-R models.

Additional information, like diagrams and engineering related sketches are included.

This is surely not the first book of its kind, but I found it very well produced.

While we are all familiar with the catalogues of the recent models, it’s fascinating to explore the more vintage stuff.

The amount of models, variations and options that was available for the late 80’s models is simply incredible, and it does make me wonder if it really was cost-efficient to produce so many options for cars sold on the domestic market alone. On the other hand it surely adds to the allure of these cars.

The Z-tune catalogue is really a sign of how times have changed; Nissan announcing a hand-built car priced at 17,000,000 ¥, based on second-hand models and limited to 20 units. What are the chances of seeing anything like this ever again?

The book is published by Miki Press and also available on Amazon; it’s obviously written in Japanese, but can definitely be enjoyed without reading.

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