Saturday, April 7, 2018

Restoring Z-tune #15 at Omori Factory

One of the reasons why I will need to wait until June for the guys at Omori Factory to start working on my car is that, until then, they will be busy restoring something rather special: Z-tune #15.

Few photos have already surfaced on the internet and the car was featured in Omori Factory own blog , but, you know me, I just can’t resist and have to take a closer look. Recently I’ve been pretty lucky as I ran into Matsuda’s 400R just few weeks back and now its successor.

This particular car is undergoing a bespoke restoration process that is a first for Z-tune models. The car appears to have been enjoyed by its previous owner, although the thick layer of dust on its body suggests that it could have been stored a bit better.

Many people have already spotted this in the first photos published by V-spec Performance: this particular model is fitted with a few controversial modifications, namely a Vcam setup.

Additionally, also the injectors and the turbos have been swapped. Sure, more performance are always welcome and even the mighty 2.8 liters Z2 Concept engine will feel a bit laggy by today’s standards, but would you go for an upgrade or keep the car stock?

The strut towers really shows how bespoke this car is, just look at that sheet of perfectly molded carbon fiber bonded to the frame! Oh, and don’t worry about that surface corrosion: the mechanics are confident that they will be able to bring that back to “as new” condition.

The steering wheel of the Z-tune has often been criticized, but for one I actually like its design. Sure the three-spokes sport design of the 400R was surely a more functional option, but my guess is that the Z-tune was released at a time when getting rid of the air-bag wouldn’t have looked too good in the eyes of the corporate guys. After all the car still wears a Nissan badge.

The lighter shade of silver (KY0) is a great match with the sharper and boxier lines of the BNR34.

Just a few more months before the car will head to its new owner in Australia and he can rest assured that the team here will work its magic to bring the car back to its original glory.

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