Saturday, April 14, 2018

Motorsport Japan in Odaiba

Today I opted for a different spot for my Saturday morning caffeine fix and headed to Odaiba, where day one of Motorsport Japan was taking place.

This is a cool little event that I always try not to miss; it blends a displays of modern race cars, like Super GT machines.

Or this replica of the Toro Rosso Honda competing in the current F1 championship - the aero on these things looks like something coming from outer space.

There are also some demo runs in an improvised short track.

And promotional activities like pit stop games using retired racers.

One of the coolest cars of the event was the hybrid Supra HR-V.

This specific car began life as a retired JGTC 2004 racer and was consequently fitted with a regenerative braking system and three electric motors

One of the very first high-performance experimental hybrid machines, this Supra enter the Tokachi 24 hours in 2007 and took the overall win.

In a way it paved the road for future hybrid technology, like the one found in current LMP1 cars.

Now, I am sure you know that I’m a total nerd for GT racers, but what really makes this event interesting is the great selection of replicas and vintage cars.

Owners from far away travel to exhibit their rides and some of the are absolutely perfect replicas of the original.

The variety is great and not confined to JDM models, like this fantastic Lancia Delta testifies.

It’s not just replicas, some of the cars are authentic models with racing pedigree.

The vintage section is really what I came for - like this selection of old Skylines.

Some of them are obviously not fully original, but it’s great to see the owners pouring so much passion into their joy and pride.

I have to be honest: I am was not  familiar with all the models I came across with. But that’s really what I like about the event I guess: getting to know cars that otherwise you would hardly see in real life, like this beautiful Galant FTO.

I absolutely loved the boxy lines and details.

As well as this little Mitsubishi.

The AE86 is a platform I am not too familiar with.

But this example was in great condition and it does look like a fun car to drive.

Such a contrast with the muscular lines of this old Celica.

But my absolute favorite car of the day is this Datsun Z.

Fully restored and regularly enjoyed by the owner it looked great in this non-standard dark shade of blue.

The owner was kind enough to pop the hood.

And reveal a properly clean engine bay.

Now that’s a cool oil cap!

And a nice collection of commemorative stickers.

And if racers and vintage cars are not cool enough to impress you, this real-life size Gundam standing just few meters away will probably do the trick - yes - you’re definitely in Japan!

Until next time.

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  1. g nose + watanabe wheels = the all time perfect s30

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