Sunday, March 25, 2018

Wangan Upgrades & New Parts at NPCT

One of the things I love about Tokyo is how the city is always evolving. Despite the already hyper complicated infrastructure and the massive scale it covers, seems that the government and developers always find new ways to improve things, including highways.

If you are driving from Ginza, getting to the Wangan just got a littler easier and way cooler form the beginning of this month. Namely, they managed to erect a massive bridge from Harumi-dori that connects to and from the access point of the expressway while rising above all of the surrounding structures, including the Yurikamome monorail.

Stuff like this is usually found in video games, but you know, the Japanese like to take things a step further. This also means no more traffic lights and reaching Tatsumi PA just became a one straight blast affair.

So, as you probably guessed, two weeks ago I gladly put the new route to test and quickly stopped at my favorite parking area before heading to NPCT. Luckily I managed to get there just minutes before the owner of this 570S left, on his way to a McLaren-only meet-up.

Beautiful machine and incredible details; I wonder how it feels to drive one of these.

The owner of this brand new GT3, on the other hand, was quite chatty and happy to check the GT-R out. Turns out he used to own a BCNR33 in silver years ago.

Quick stop by NPCT to pick up two new parts; this time I parked the car outside.

And took some time to check Sugimoto-san at work as he was busy fitting this white V-spec II with a new set of brakes and rotors.

Namely this massive Endless set-up.

The before-after difference couldn’t be any more evident.

So, here are the two new parts: can you guess what they are?

On my way home I stopped by a place that most car enthusiast won’t recognize at a glance, but have most likely seen at least once...on TV. Remember Keiichi Tsuchiya’s cameo in Tokyo Drift? That scene was shot just a few meters away from this exact spot close to Tokyo fish market.

Until next time.

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  1. McLaren drives like you are in an arcade game. Super fast corners amazing but at speed you will never ever capable to enjoy other than circuit driving.
    I wonder if Smokey san will do a line lock burnout with his cars at this new bridge? Lol


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