Sunday, March 4, 2018

BNR32 Nismo & BNR34 S1

Last Saturday, on my way back to Tokyo from Tsukuba Circuit, I decided to stop by Prostock Racing to hang out a bit. It’s been a while since I last visited and the manager, Takada-san, hasn’t changed a bit. Their almost-new Nismo BNR32 was also still on display.

With barely 9,000 kilometers covered since delivery the car is a true collectors item or, as Takada-san calls it, a bonsai: something that you can find pleasure in just by looking at.

The engine bay is completely free of corrosion and oxidation.

While the original Potenza RE71 were still fitted on the wheels!

Back in the main storage area they actually had plenty of BNR32s on display; considering where BNR34 prices have gone the older generation is obviously a more affordable proposition for customers.

I also spent some time with Mochizuki-san, the Chief Mechanic, who recently finished to assemble a new RB26 for a customer. With over 20 years of experience he must have service, tuned and built hundreds of RB engines and jokingly (but not really) claimed that he can, for the most part, handbuild a BNR32 from the frame up with very little use of manuals.

As we were chatting Takada-san rolled in the service area with a customers’ BNR34.

A zenki V-spec fitted with a S1 engine.

Always cool to peep inside engine bays.

The engine itself is now 15 years old as it was fitted at the old Nismo Paddock in Omori, back in 2003. Overall the car looked well used and maintained.

I always enjoy visiting these guys: not only they are true car enthusiasts, but also very laid back and relaxed (bit of a different vibe from the more corporate Nismo guys).

Looking forward to the first, proper spring drive.

Until next time.


  1. Original tires are interesting but I definitely wouldn't drive on those.

  2. I thought BNR32 Nismo were non- ABS equipped cars? Along with Metal turbos and some aero bits (hood trim, N1 ducts on bumper, sideskirt on quarterpanels and double spoiler on the trunk?