Monday, March 12, 2018

Attack 2018 - Tsukuba Circuit Challenge

I meant to write this post two weeks ago, right after I came back from the time attack event, fittingly named “Attack”, at Tsukuba Circuit, however I only found time to update the blog today.

This event embodies what is arguably one of the purest expressions of Japanese motorsport culture.

And walking around Tsukuba surrounded by the early morning mist suely added to the theater. 

The formula is pretty simple: entries are divided in different classes (Turbo, NA, Radial and even a Ladies-only one), each of them receiving a 30 minutes slot to achieve the best time possible.

You will find literally everything: crazy aero monster with World Time Attack credentials.

Few RWBs sporting their iconic, exaggerated silhouettes.

A Mazda FD resprayed in a very familiar hue.

The FD seem to be the platform of choice for many participants, mainly thanks to their lightweight and extremely well balanced chassis. Dino lost his mind for this particular entrant which, from afar might have looked a bit understated compared to other crazy aero monsters.

But actually spotted some very serious modifications, both in the engine bay... well as in the suspension/chassis department.

A cockpit as close as it gets to proper racer car levels.

And no shortage of stopping powers, courtesy of AP Racing.

The morning flew by quite fast, with most drivers attempting their best times before temperatures raised too much. 

This is the beauty of this event: you can roam freely and get as close as you want to the cars and pits; and, if you speak Japanese, possibly also interact with drivers and the various crews.

Bonus, and unexpected highlight of the event, was Yokohama displaying an old JGTC GT500 racer from 2002: is it just me or this looks miles better than the new Z4, er Supra, just presented at the Geneva Motorshow?

Until next time.

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  1. LOL. Agree at that new "supra", it's a freaking BMW.
    LFA - Yamaha
    GT86 - Subaru
    Damn, toyota only knows ecoboxes now. xD