Sunday, January 21, 2018

New Gadgets & GT-R Fun Facts with Koyama-san

Nothing major has really happened since the TAS madness of last week, but I thought I’d still share a few minor updates, starting from the new cover for the maintenance book that I managed to pick up at Nissan Global HQ during a recent visit to Yokohama.

Bit of a fanboy touch, I know, but it looks and feels miles better than the plastic cover that came standard with the car.

And Nissan HQ is always cool to visit.

I wonder if a replacement for the Z34 is on the way.

I also stopped by Nismo Performance Center to check prices and availability of a few parts and managed to have a chat with Koyama-san who showed me around two GT-Rs that were in for a service.

The Bayside Blue model was fitted with a S1 engine and was in for a suspension refresh.

Being a GT-R owner himself and having spent so many years at Nismo he had plenty of fun facts to share:

- The S1 engine is a much better match with the R33 rather than the R34 and you won’t notice much difference between compared to a standard RB26 fitted on a R34. 
- When the production of the R34 shifted form Murayama plant to Tochigi Nissan took some shortcuts to lower production costs, namely slightly lower quality paint and a thinner primer coating.
- Bayside Blue is the thinner paint of the lot and has a tendency to fade a bit over time, Black and White are softer and easier to scratch, while the Silver hues are generally the hardest.
- The RB26 usually starts registering losses in power around 130,000km and, based on condition, can be overhauled up to two times, after which they recommend fitting a new power plant.

Talking about engines he confessed to have blown the one on his BCNR33 three times over the course of his ownership: Koyama-san is surely not afraid of driving his car.

He then proceeded to show me a standard RB26 block that just came back from overhauling at Tomei: rather impressive finish and hard to distinguish from a brand new block!

Hope everybody’s 2018 is off to a great start.

Until next time.

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