Sunday, December 31, 2017

End of the Year Car Spotting in Ginza

2018 is just few hours away here in Japan and I hope everybody is having a great holiday break. This post wasn’t really planned, but the holidays are an opportunity for a lot of wealthy Tokyoites to take out their rides and yesterday turned out to be a great day for car spotting in Ginza; starting with this Mantis Green McLaren 675LT.

Ginza is a renowned luxury shopping district in Tokyo and it’s definitely worth a visit even just to admire the architecture and iconic lights.

The newly opened Ginza Six is a high end shopping mall that does very little to hide the opulence and amount of wealth at disposal of the elite.

What about a handmade katana set for 32,000,000¥? Contrary to what you might think these things do actually get sold in places like this.

In the span of a few minutes I must have ran into at least 10 exotics and it just didn’t seem to stop.

The color choice for this Lamborghini Aventador is definitely bold, but I personally liked it a lot.

The designers flagships stores make it for a great background.

Nissan had on display a really cool vintage Datsun Fairlady, adorned with traditional Japanese decoration.

Eventually, it didn’t take long before I ran into a fellow BNR34 owner.

And, as I was walking down the main street, it just so happened that Dino was in the area.

So I jumped aboard of his new RS4 (so much for a “daily driver”, uh?) for a quick stop at Super Autobacs, the Japanese equivalent of Costco, but for car parts.

So, this is it, thanks for stopping by this year and wish you all a great 2018 ahead.

Until next time.

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