Monday, November 13, 2017

Maintenance - Update

It's been exactly one one week since Aki and I dropped off our cars at Nismo, and today I got the call I was waiting for from Yamazaki-san: "It's ready". 

Timing belt and water pump replacement are pretty standard operations, so everything went smoothly, except for a stubborn bolt in the rear differential that needed replacement when Yamada-san attempted to change the oil.

One thing I forgot to mention in my previous post is that, along with the N1 water pump, also the radiator pipe and thermostat connected to it have been replaced. Call it placebo effect, but now the water temperature seems to read a couple of degree lower than before. Picking up the car refreshened and all cleaned up is a great feeling.

Sugimoto-san was carrying out the final touches on a R35 Nismo MY2017 that just came back from a track day. Unlike the BNR34 these are mighty machines that can be taken straight to the track in their stock form.

Speaking of track-ready machines, I must admit that the Z33 Nismo is really growing on me: I think it has aged very well and still looks great.

This particular model was painted in the same KY0 that was used on the Z-tune and was fitted with optional clear rear taillights.

On my way back I got stuck in traffic between Setagaya and Shibuya, but once arrived in the Minato area I jumped on the expressway and let the GT-R stretch its legs before getting home: cruising around Tokyo bay never gets old.

And some yakitori to wrap up the day.

I'm really looking forward to Nismo Festival: I don't really expect any surprise as these events are all about slightly evolving the same formula every year, but it's been way too long since I've been trackside, and Fuji Speedway is always great in winter. Nismo is celebrating the countdown on Facebook with some nostalgic posts, like this throwback to 2001.

Until next time.


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  2. Hi, I just bought a GTR VSPEC 2 myself and stumbled across your blog. I live between Australia and Japan, and am back in Japan next weekend for a month to pick up the car and work out if I keep it there or bring it to Australia! My wife and I have an apartment in Yokohama, Would love to see your car if your keen to meet up!