Thursday, September 14, 2017

R's Meeting 2017 - Fail

With over 2000 GT-Rs in attendance, specialized makers and tuners gathering from all over Japan at Fuji Speedway, R's Meeting is a must for every GT-R enthusiast. As somebody who owns a blog titled BNR34 GT-R saying that I really had plans to attend this year's edition of the event would be stating the obvious.

My coverage of R's Meeting 2016 was very much an impromptu put together during the infancy of this blog: this year I had serious plans to take things to the next level with a very special coverage. By now I'm sure you have realized that things didn't go as planned, but let's make a step back.

As announced in my last post, I took a couple of weeks off to visit home back in Italy. It was a great two weeks off where I could relax and unwind: things do really move at a much slower pace over there.

The car scene is completely different: cars are really trashed daily and are a pure commodity. People really drive their rides until the wheels come off and the average vehicle comes with a handful of scratches, dents and painfully abused paintwork. In two whole weeks I ran into one Ferrari and a couple of 911s, while this sporty edition of a Renault Clio is pretty much as good as it gets when it comes to car spotting around town. 

After 10 years in Japan I must admit that I'm really not used anymore to life back in Italy, but it's great to enjoy the differences in lifestyle while catching up with family and friends and indulging in some sightseeing.

So, all in all a great holiday and I did even manage to perfectly time my return flight as I was scheduled to arrive on Saturday 9th at 10:00pm, just in time to hit the road the next morning, destination R's Meeting - Fuji Speedway. A quick 90 minutes layover in Dubai guaranteed minimum downtime and I had full faith that Emirates (ironically rated as one of the best airlines by consumers) would manage the transition smoothly. Attending R's Meeting sounded like the perfect way to end my trip back home.

But, right away, I was proven wrong by a 30 minutes delay announcement at departure, which left us with barely 1 hour to make it to our connection. As much as I tried to be optimistic, more problems were around the corner as the plane landed exactly on the other side of the airport. By the time my connection flight was taking off we were still taxing on our way to the terminal - the rest, you can imagine. I found myself with a refund ticket for the next day and 16 hours to kill in the lowest three-star airport hotel in the outskirts of Dubai.

Until R's Meeting 2018.


  1. I'm sure this is the first page that I will check after the 2018's R's meeting. although I wished that you had a look around in dubai, the R34s are huge here and much appreciated.

  2. Thank you! Unfortunately I was stationed in Dubai just for a few hours, but it would be great to get to know the local GT-R owners community next time I visit. Please feel free to shoot me a message through the Facebook page!


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