Sunday, September 17, 2017

A New BNR34 Clubman Race Spec?

GT-R shop specialist and Nismo Super GT sponsor Craft Sports has commissioned to Omori Factory a BNR34 Clubman Race Spec.

Based on a V-spec II model finished in the iconic Bayside Blue, the car has undergone a 9 months long restoration and tuning process.

The Clubman Race Spec is not sold as a complete factory car and Nismo leaves to customers the choice of what parts and menu options they want to have installed.
Unfortunately, mostly due to costs reasons, this time they decided to skip the white body ground-up restoration of the chassis that has been performed on the factory demo cars. Although incredibly expensive, this is the essential step that guarantees a total restoration to conditions even superior to the original factory finish.

What has been performed instead was a through engine bay restoration: the difference in the before and after photos is quite remarkable.

The stock RB26 has been replaced with a brand new R2 powerplant.

The customer has opted for color coding the cam cover and plenum in Bayside Blue, a choice I'm personally not a huge fan of.

This photo is quite special: the technicians temporarily stored the used RB26 next to some factory race engines, including a JGTC GT500 spec with the signature magnesium cam covers.

The the car is currently undergoing the final touches and calibration prior to delivery to its new owner.

Nismo has always been criticized for its conservative approach and relatively outdated tuning methods, but, hate it or love it, the allure of a completely refreshed BNR34 is undeniable.

All photos courtesy of Craft Sports.

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  1. I saw this earlier in the omori factory blog and wished there were more pictures and info. I guess my wishes has been answered ! keep up the good posts, all the support to you


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