Friday, August 11, 2017

MY17 R35 GT-R - Visit to Nissan HQ

The R35 GT-R is increasingly growing on me: it's incredibly value for money and, despite now being a 10 years old car, still manages to look right if you choose the right color and wheels combo. The 2017 version is the first proper facelift of the model and some says a needed one, as Nissan plans to sell the R35 until at least 2020.

I visited Nissan HQ to take a closer look and I must admit that the changes do work. The car now looks sharper and more aggressive and I really don't mind the new Ultimate Shining Orange color.

The redesigned interior is obviously where Nissan did most of the work and it shows: the MY17 GT-R looks way cleaner, especially the center console area.

The Track edition engineered by Nismo is my favorite version of the model.

It sports a few signature touches, like the dry carbon rear spoiler, sportier seats and Nismo wheels. Nissan and Nismo are actually getting quite good with carbon fiber work on road cars.

It's always good to see Nissan paying homage to its heritage, like this pair of Group C prototypes on display testifies.

Porsche has recently announced its withdrawal from the LMP1 category in the WEC series, thus basically signing off the death of the Prototype category. Nissan attempt to a comeback to LeMans in 2015 was nothing short of disastrous - a real shame considering the brand history.

I have a feeling that it will be a very long time before we'll see again on track anything remotely close to these monsters.

Some of my all time favorite JGTC racers were also on display.

The 1999 championship winning Pennzoil GT-R has arguably the most recognizable livery, thanks to Gran Turismo.

This was by far my favorite car in the game and I must have clocked thousands of laps with it back in the days - love it.

The bodywork of these machines became more and more exaggerated and complex over the years, but back in the days the Group A BNR32 were racing pretty much in their stock aero form.

The Fairlady Z revealed to be a worthy successor of the BNR34 on track.

It won the title in its debut year in 2004 and the road going version of the car revealed to be a successful model for Nissan.

I am a big fan of how Nissan celebrates its heritage and achievements; walking through the hallways was quite inspiring.

I really like the concept of celebrating old models and promoting new ones, all under the same roof: it does give a powerful feeling to think about how many people have worked over the years towards the same craft of producing great cars.

Nissan HQ is an impressive facility, definitely worth a visit of you are in Yokohama.

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