Sunday, August 6, 2017

GT-R Magazine - 136

There's something nostalgic about magazines that reminds of my childhood, when I used to read about videogames: the wait for the new issues to come out, the photography - nothing beats the pleasure of reading a well produced magazine with some good coffee on the side.

GT-R Magazine is a bi-monthly publication and, not only is remarkably well made, but the editors are actually GT-R owners themselves and usually manage to find interesting topics to cover in every issue. This month the main theme is the latest tuning trends of the second generation GT-Rs (BNR32, BCNR33, BNR34): these models are now 20 years old and tuners have modified their approach in enhancing performances over the years.

This issue features a test comparison between demo cars from major tuners all over Japan: Midori Sebi Center (BNR32), Nismo Omori Factory (BCNR33), HKS Technical Factory (BNR34), ATTAKD Autech (BCNR33) and Auto Gallery Yokohama (BNR34). Pro drivers Takayuki Kinoshita and Seiji Ara put the cars through their paces and share their impressions.

Restoration is a big theme these days and lots of owners, especially BNR32 ones, prefer to invest in refresh plans to bring back their cars to factory condition, rather that increase power.

As I mentioned, the editors are GT-R owners themselves (from BNR32 to R35), and one of them owns a white BNR34 Nür spec with 291,000km on the odometer!

The magazine also features a classics section and this time the spotlight was on a pair of pristine Hakosuka and Kenmeri in pretty rare colors.

GT-R Magazine is also the main organizer of R's Meeting. Held at Fuji Speedway it's without a doubt the largest GT-R event in the world, with participants and exhibitors gathering from all over Japan: a must visit for every true enthusiast.

This year's edition is just one month away - see you there!

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  1. I'm looking forward to your coverage (and Dino's of SH) of this year's R's meeting!