Saturday, July 22, 2017

Tatsumi Nights

Year 2006, we all watched in amusement The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift - a movie that for most part was so incredibly bad that actually resulted fun to watch. The scene where Sean gets introduced to Japanese underground racing culture was trash in its most glorious form: a bunch of pseudo Asian-looking, skimpy dressed girls partying in pure American fashion around weakly tuned, tier 2 JDM machines - awesome. Fast forward 10 years and I had my own induction into the real Japanese car culture on the very same day I took delivery of my BNR34, as I found myself chasing my friend Dino in a press Corvette C7 Z06 all the way to Tatsumi Parking Area. Tatsumi has been one of my preferred locations to visit at night ever since.

Located in Koto-ku this PA is a must visit if you want to have a glimpse and a taste of how awesome the local car culture is. The parking area is much smaller than Daikoku and also much closer to central Tokyo, making it a preferred location for local residents who want to take their rides out for a spin.

Right off the bat I was impressed by two things; first and foremost, the impeccable respect of the owners. Forget about nasty comments, dick measuring competitions and the bitterness that you can experience on the daily on the web with Western users: everybody is super cool, polite and chilled, whether they are driving an exotic or a kei-car. That's my kind of place.

The second aspect that blew my mid and truly makes Tatsumi an awesome place to visit is the incredible variety of cars that pull over throughout the night. Last week was no exception. I arrived nice and early at around 10pm just to find this jade green NSX parked next to a Ferrari 599 GTO: this right here is more than you will ever find in Italy on any weekend of the year!

The Ferrari was rather impressive: we Italians are a mess at almost everything, but we surely know how to make cars!

Talk about diversity: a 500,000$ Ferrari parked next to a Skyline RS Turbo! This is why I love Tatsumi, no matter the pricetag you can definitely sense the passion that each owner has for his car.

As time went by cars came and left the PA, including this very clean Mazda RX7.

I remember buying a used Honda CR-X del Sol as my first car in Gran Turismo: pretty cool to see these little machines still in good shape.

For some reason last weekend there was an unusually high number of exotics around, like this Ferrari 348.

And this Porsche GT3 with track focused modifications.

This yellow NSX looked all business.

And sported a pretty cool engine bay.

While this vintage Fairlady Z quickly became one of my favorite cars around.

And one of the cooled surprises arrived just before I was about to leave: this pristine vintage Skyline painted in a racer replica livery!

Taking photos at night with an iPhone is definitely not ideal, but I hope you enjoyed the share.

Until next time.

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