Sunday, July 30, 2017

Coffee & McLarens

Thanks to the upcoming Olympics Tokyo is going through a major renovation and, just when I thought I knew everything about my neighborhood, I keep discovering cool new places. Starting from this coffee shop just 10 minutes away from home: in my books their coffee gets full marks and holds its own against some of the best espressos and cappuccinos I've ever tasted in my home country. It has quickly become the go to place for my weekend caffeine fix.

Now, back to cars: a couple of weeks back I ran into McLaren Tokyo new showroom. It's a pretty spectacular facility, located between Ariake and Odaiba. I know, as an Italian it might sound blasphemous, but I'm a big fan of the latest creations coming from Woking. 

As my attire wasn't exactly appropriate I didn't have a chance to visit inside, so I settled for admiring the two models on display in the parking area.

The 650S especially is a mighty machine and - here I said it - looks better than the Ferrari 488 in my opinion. 

Speaking of new locations: I've recently discovered a brand new parking area on the other side of Tokyo bay. 

The view is pretty spectacular and, as always, I had to take the Nür for some mandatory shots. No matter whether I drive cruising around the bay or blasting through the Wangan, I really can't get enough of this thing. 

Passing through Tsukiji on the way back home I managed to pick up some fresh sashimi for only 800¥: another reason for loving Tokyo. 

I've been driving quite a bit recently and it's time perhaps to give the car some rest; the next half-year service is scheduled at Nismo for October.

Until next time.


  1. "give the car some rest"??? Come on, drive it more and more! Make it your daily!!

  2. Haha! Aki nooo! Got to keep the corrosion away! Its sitting outside your garages formed as rain and waiting to attack.. ;o