Saturday, April 22, 2017

Skyline 60th Anniversary

The Skyline is 60 years old, quite a milestone for a production car. To celebrate the event, Nissan decided to go big and set up a commemorative exhibition in luxury complex Roppongi Hills in Tokyo downtown. 
With the location being just 15 minutes away from home, it made for a perfect "cars & coffee" kind of Saturday morning - or rather "Skylines & coffee".

Not only this is a prime location in the heart of one of Tokyo luxury districts, but the display set-up itself was actually quite impressive.

It's been just a few months since the inauguration of the renewed Ginza Crossing, and now this: Nissan is clearly taking marketing very seriously these days

On display there were cars from all generations: the center stage was obviously taken by the very first model to bear the iconic Skyline name - released in 1957 - right along the 60th Anniversary Special Edition of the 2014 Skyline.

The models from the 70's were in brand new condition and really showed how far the Skyline has come in terms of styling.

The 2.0L inline six 1973 Skyline 2000 GTX was one of the star of the show.

People of all ages lined up to take pictures.

The boxy look and sharp lines of the row behind were unmistakably 80's.

It's during this time that Nissan developed some of the signature characteristics of the older Skyline, starting with the adoption of turbo engines with the 5th generation of the model.

Which was further refined in 1981 with the twin cam (DOHC) engine of the 2000RS.

In 1985 Nissan introduce another signature feature of the Skyline family: the HICAS (High Capacity Actively Controlled Suspension) system that enabled rear wheel steering for improved handling.

It's toward the late 80's/early 90's that the styling of the models started to take shapes that look now very familiar to fans all over the world.

The "afterburner" signature taillight got carried over to the more sportier models.

And the GT badge was a good hint that these platforms were the tip of the iceberg: something a lot more performance focused was bound.

And here it is: for some reason this BNR34 is the only GT-R that Nissan decided to display.

And for a good reason: this was, without a doubt one of the undisputed stars of the event. Kids, girls, elderly visitors - almost everybody stopped to take a picture with the Bayside Blue BNR34.

And this wasn't just "another" BNR34 GT-R, but chassis BNR34-010107: the second-to-last R34 GT-R ever produced. Interestingly enough, despite being a kouki model produced in 2002, this model was fitted with the old Nissan badge (fitted on zenki cars produced until the year 2000).

A couple of more recent Skylines completed the production timeline.

These models have sold reasonably well, but fans lament a slight lack of character compared to their predecessors.

The event was incredibly well produced and - as always - Japanese enthusiast showed that the Skyline name is still dear to many.

It's always great to see brands celebrating their heritage and fans coming out to support.

The 60th Anniversary Skyline Timeline will be on display at Roppongi Hills until Monday, May 24.

Official Website (Japanese only)

Golden Week is about to kick off next week and I look forward to a few other events lined up.

Until next time.

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