Saturday, April 15, 2017

JDM Goodness, Friends and Ramen

After a pretty miserable and rainy week I woke up this Saturday to full blown spring temperatures and decided to head to Odaiba for some morning coffee. Once I had my caffeine fix I realized that today was the first day of Motorsport Japan: a two day event where makers and privateers showcase all things cars and racing. What's even better is that the whole event is completely free of charge, with no queues or tickets. Private owners who registered in advance were given the opportunity to display their prized possessions, and the first lineup of machines that greeted visitors easily sums up why Japan is heaven for car enthusiasts.

A complete display of seven Group A BNR32 replicas beautifully arranged: simply stunning.

Although they could be easily mistaken for the real thing, these are road legal cars.

The owners have spent years in the pursuit of recreating the perfect replica, true to the original racer wherever possible. Seven owners, seven cars: one passion.

The classic rally display caught my attention next.

Some beautiful models on display; my favorite by far was this beautiful Evo 6 - Tommi Mäkinen replica.


The event also had plenty of historic cars on display.

Including some fairly expensive ones!

While this fantastic Toyota Supra 3.0 GT turbo A was sitting in pristine conditions.

Reminding us what the 80's where all about.

The main event was all about the makers and modern days sportscar and motorsport.

Including Super GT.

And Porsche Carrera Cup.

As well as a trio of very quick safety cars.

Surprisingly Top Secret also had a booth in collaboration with GT-R Magazine. 

Maybe because the crazy VR 32GT-R graces the cover of the latest magazine issue?

A complete R35 GT-R engine and mechanics fitted in a BNR32 body with factory-like finish - insane.

Time to go back home.

And just when I thought to call it a day, my good friend Aki happened to be in the area: "Fancy a ride in my loaner for the week? Sure!"

After running some errands we ended up pulling over at a random parking just to find a zenki BCNR33! Talk about coincidences...

More car talk and a bowl of ramen to wrap up the day.

Until next time.

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