Monday, March 27, 2017

Fuji Speedway, Snow and a Taste of Japan

Sunday was the perfect example of how sometimes the more you plan, the more things won't go your way. I woke up nice and early, destination Fuji Speedway for the last Super GT test session before the season start. Test runs are great: you have free access to every area of the circuit, including the paddock and the pits, and you can get really close to the cars, all minus the massive crowds typical of race events. We hit the road under some mild showers, with forecasts reassuring us that things would clear up by mid morning. But the closer we got to Shizuoka prefecture (where Fuji is located), the more we realized that our day wasn't going as planned: showers became proper rain, and once in Gotemba, rain turned into snow! By the time we reached Fuji Speedway we were greeted by this view

A quick look around and the announcers quickly confirmed what we had already figured out: both test sessions got canceled and no car was going to hit the track. The organizers did their best to come up with some alternatives, like talk shows and interviews from the pits, but with the cars tucked away and no action going on we decided to leave.

Gotemba is a great area for onsen (Japanese hot springs), so we opted for spending the rest of the day relaxing here.

Quite a different alternative from the original plan, but not bad at all!

Sometimes you just have to make the most out of the circumstances.

We surely did.

Until next time.

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