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GT-R Magazine - Omori Factory Special

With the completion of the BCNR33 Grand Touring Car, the Nismo Omori Factory lineup is now complete. Revealed to the public during last year R's Meeting, the car joins the BNR32 Grand Touring Car and BNR34 Clubman Race Spec. For the occasion GT-R magazine has released a special issue, focusing on these cars and the people behind them.

Ever since I posted a picture of the magazine cover on the BNR34 GT-R Facebook Page, I've been overwhelmed by questions about the cars and the magazine itself. Having purchased my copy last Wednesday, I finally had time to enjoy it over the weekend and thought I'd share a sneak peek for those of you not living in Japan.
Really cool cover
The special issue begins with a look in retrospect at Nismo complete cars and some of the most iconic machines ever released, such as the R32 GT-R Nismo, the Nismo 400R or the BNR34 Z-tune.

The article then moves on with an interview with Matsumura-san, Nismo Chief Operative Officer and President. Owner of a Midnight Purple BCNR33 V-spec himself, Matsumura-san explains how Nismo and Omori Factory philosophy has evolved over the years to allow enthusiasts to customize their cars as well as enhance performances through a variety of parts and menus. 

As the RB26 powered GT-Rs are aging, Omori Factory has recently shifted its focus on developing menus to allow owners to preserve their beloved Skylines and perhaps re-imagine them in a more modern flavor: the demo car project was born. Nismo moved on to buy on the second-hand market a model of each Skyline GT-R from R32 through R34 and spent significant time re-developing them, with each model embracing a slightly different concept.

The BNR32 Grand Touring Car is based on a 1994 V-spec II model with 160,000 Km on the odometer: the philosophy of the build was "bringing back to life" and refreshing the R32, which is obviously fitting considered that is by far the oldest of the three. Omori Factory didn't merely fit the whole Nismo catalog in the car, but rather focused on strengthening critical areas and improving parts of concern.

Each build starts from a completely stripped down shell, repainted in a gorgeous shade of Dark Metallic Grey and extra layers of clear coat for an added sense of deepness to the paint - absolutely beautiful. Unique features of the R32 build are an incredibly expensive carbon-aluminum honeycomb panel positioned in the rear back of the frame to increase rigidity, alcantara upholstered interior trim and a long series of enhancements to the suspension and chassis. A complete S2 Engine is the powerplant of choice, while stopping power is provided by R35 brakes.

The BCNR33 Grand Touring Car is the last one of the trio to be produced and Omori Factory used all the know-how developed during the making of the R32 and R34 demo cars to engineer the ultimate all-around grand touring Skyline GT-R. The main concept was to create a more refined, robust and "adult" BCNR33, while maintaining its original signature features. The original base car was a 1996 Pearl Grey V-spec model with 91,000 Km; the chassis and the frame were treated to the same full restoration process of the R32, while the bulkhead of the frame was strengthened with dry-carbon fiber inserts specifically developed for the project.

In order to reduce tire and road-noise the car was fitted with a tailor made insulation sheet. Öhlins was the brand of choice for the suspension department, while Advan Sport V105 where showed on all 4 wheels - Rays LM GT4 Omori Factory Spec  (18x9.5J). The interior also has been refreshed, with a BNR34 wheel, black roof liner, Silvia S15 sun visors and Nismo seat covers. The engine, again, is a full works engine Omori Factory S2.

Developed with road and track in mind the R34 GT-R Clubman Race Spec is the most extreme BNR34 since the Z-tune. Based on a 95,000 Km Midnight Purple II BNR34 this car includes an extremely long list of parts and enhancements. The concept was to build a car that would allow the owner to drive to the circuit, put the machine through an intense trackday, and then drive back home enjoying perfect reliability.

To achieve that the BNR34 CRS has been equipped with a R2 engine capable of developing over 500ps, a Super Coppermix Competition double clutch, the same ETS control unit equipped on the Z-tune, Nismo mechanical front L.S.D and a 3.916 final gear setting. A full (2,000,000¥) Nismo Chassis Refresh, adjustable Öhlins suspensions and Advan Neova AD08R were all combined to provide the right mix of road feel and track performance.

Omori Factory vision was not to create an explosive time attack machine (like Mine's), but rather the ultimate street-track machine, capable on open roads as on the track. In order to shave weight, the car was equipped with the same dry-carbon aero package of the Z-tune: R-tune bonnet, front fenders, front bumper and front under spoiler. The team had some very specific performance goals set in mind: the car must have been able to endure 20 plus laps at full speed at Fuji Speedway with no signal of fading or malfunction. In order to achieve that, the CRS demo car completed over 70 laps at Fuji in just few sessions, during which the car showed no sign of fatigue. 

One of the highlights was its ability to complete over 20 consecutive laps at a constant 1 minute and 56 seconds pace, with a fastest lap of 1'54". With a total pricetag exceeding 20,000,000¥ (excluding the cost of the base car!) this is by far the ultimate expression of Nismo and Omori Factory spirit.

I ended up my lazy Saturday with a quick stop at Tatsumi Parking Area, where I spent about one hour chatting with some cool Porsche guys and admiring the sun setting over the C9 and Tokyo skyline.

Videogame or real life?
Until next time.

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