Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Look into the Future at Nissan Crossing

As some of you may know, Nissan has recently opened its completely renewed Ginza Crossing: located at the heart of what is arguably Tokyo most iconic high-end shopping district, the building hosts a two-floor showroom entirely dedicated to the Yokohama-based giant. 

Nissan Crossing is not a dealership, but rather a (very expensive) futuristic showcase of the company latest and greatest products and concepts; an excellent marketing tools that attracts hundreds of visitors (especially tourists) and shows what top-level Japanese car design is all about. 

With the international launch of the Nismo brand, heavy motorsport involvement and projects like this, it's undeniable that Nissan is making an effort in promoting a different image to the global markets, that radically wants to detach form the "functional but bland" stereotype normally associated with Japanese cars.

The building is just a 20 minutes walk from my place and I had chance to visit it several times in the past few months. Last weekend, however, while on my way to the gym, I couldn't help but notice a very striking silhouette behind the main window - something that looked a lot different from your typical car.

The futuristic Vision Gran Turismo Concept 2020 was taking the main stage, succeeding in the very hard task of stealing the limelight from the MY17 R35 GT-R Nismo that was also on display.

MY17 Nismo GT-R
Originally displayed during the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, the concept is a pure styling exercise and doesn't have any powertrain or mechanical function to it. 

It does however have an incredible presence and I couldn't stop taking pictures of it while drinking in all the details, like the massive brakes and calipers.

Or the side exhaust of clear racing inspiration. 

Certain things are meant to stay the same and the legendary "afterburner" shape of the tail lights is still present, albeit reinterpreted in a very futuristic flavor.

The V-spec version of the BNR34 pioneered the use of carbon fiber on the GT-R with its rear under diffuser; almost 20 years later the Vision GT Concept sports a massive rear extractor and diffuser that, somehow, is reminiscent of the one we all know.

The design and lines are unmistakably Japanese, while the carbon details, mirrors (replaced by cameras) and matte red paint job bring the concept closer to a spaceship rather than a roadcar. 

Certainly an extreme design, but it got me thinking: after all the R35 looks very close to the original concept shown back in 2002.

The second floor of the Gallery has more cars on display as well as a cafe, a virtual reality corner and a huge, curved, interactive touchscreen, where hundreds of photos of the company history and models float around.

VR station

Just touch on the photo of interest to expand it and learn more about it - guess which one I chose?

Over one million guests have visited Nissan Crossing since its inauguration last September: definitely stop by, if you are in Tokyo for a holiday.
Gadget anyone?
More cool concepts

Ginza at Night
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